We will set up your website within 72 hours. If we have any questions regarding your website’s setup we will get in touch. Otherwise we will send login details via email as soon as your website is ready. Please make sure to take a note of your login details when you receive them and delete the email for security reasons.

As we favour security of our systems we do not allow customers to install plugins by default. Being one of the most celebrated features of wordpress, plugin is also one of the most vulnerable. Plugins may contain malware and break a wordpress website if an incompatibility issue arises due to failure to update or developer dumping plugin support. To avoid broken websites and customer disappointments we decided to limit access to plugins in all of our plans. If you are confident about having access to plugins, you can request it by contacting our support. Keep in mind, that we can not guarantee seamless performance of your website in such cases.

We do not provide access to theme’s core files for security reasons. We do not recommend to amend any of those files without professional help. You can request access to core files or ask for amendments to the theme via our support. Keep in mind that we can not guarantee seamless performance of your website if you use third parties to make changes to a website.